Hans Nombach Roofing and Tuckpointing - Contract dispute

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On 12/20/12, I contacted Hans Nomach Home Exteriors company to get an estimate to repair a porch & roof.Their estimator stated that he would complete the job for both the porch and the roof for $8,890 dollars.

He stated that he would compete the roof first and then comeback later to complete the porch because he had another job to complete and he needed to cover the back of the roof with tar, replace the old wood with new wood and time tear off the old shingles. He stated that he would give us a senior citizens discount and that the company was represented by the BBB. He was given the ok to start the job. He finished the main roof and on 12/31/12, he was paid $4445 dollars, which was half of the verbally agreed amount of $8,890 dollars to complete the entire job.

This was noted on the original contract.On 1/15/2013, the estimator called back and said that he was ready to complete the repair work on top of the porch. He stated that after checking out the porch and the back of the roof needing tar, the price to complete the aforementioned work would be $8,890 dollars instead of $4445 dollars. That would now make the total cost of the repairs to the roof and porch to be $13,335 instead of the verbally agreed amount of $8890. The estimator did not keep his word regarding the original price he quoted me to complete the entire job.

Basically he took advantage of a senior citizen's trust.In February 2013, I filed a complaint with the BBB with negative results. The president of the company refused to resolve this issue even though he admitted that his estimator "did what he has been told not to do and gave an off-the-cuff verbal estimate". So the company would not honor the verbal agreement. The company president's final response to us through the BBB was as follows:"My estimator gave you a verbal estimate under duress.

You absolutely insisted on an estimate well knowing he was unable to go onto the roof while it was raining out. This is a shame. He tried to accomodate you and you throw it back in his face. My understanding is while you were so persistent on an estimate you took shelter in the comfort of your vehicle out of the rain while my estimator stepped into the rain to glance at the roof and measure it from the ground.

He chose not to go on the roof at that time knowing he would return later when conditions were safer. I would never ask any of my men to go on a roof while it is raining or wet out. This is very dangerous and certaintly not worth the risk. "Really?

If the weather conditions were so bad and dangerous for his estimator, then why didn't the company reschedule the estimate for another day when the weather conditions were better? No one put a gun to his estimators head and forced him to give an estimate. The aforementioned response is just another excuse. Lastly, I am 88 years old.

It is not my job to stand in a hurricane, snow or a monsoon to watch his estimator do his work.

That is what he is paid to do.If his estimator is afraid to get wet then maybe he should chose another career field where he can work in a controlled non- threatening environment.This company is dishonest and does not know nothing about customer service.But they do know about trying to bilk minority senior citizens out of their hard earned money.Do not use them!

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